The amount of fees depends essentially on the following criteria
  • The nature and degree of difficulty of the legal problem raised
  • The amount of time required to analyze and implement the recommended solution
  • The seniority of the stakeholders
  • The importance of the interests involved
  • The quality of the result(s) found

How we work

In accordance with the requirements of our order, the firm binds itself to its client by a fee agreement that precisely sets out its conditions of intervention.

The firm invoices its fees on a time-spent basis, with separate rates based on the status (partner or associate) and seniority of the lawyer involved in the case.

The fees are fixed excluding tax, the VAT applicable to our services being set at 20% on the date hereof.

Fees are exclusive of expenses (food and travel expenses, fees to be paid, expenses of other parties such as bailiffs, etc.).